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Cannabis Genetic Kit

Anantlife is proud to offer the world's first genetic test to look at the predisposition to several long-term health effects of Cannabis.

The genetic test has been developed in collaboration with cannabis researchers and physicians along with our expert team in genetics to assess an individual's predisposition to cannabis associated adverse effects.

The test is based on analysis of a multitude of genes to determine how your genes can influence the impact of cannabis on your long-term health. Using the individual's genetic code, we have carried out extensive assessment to look at the individual's predisposition to cannabis dependence, cannabis induced cognitive defects, cardiovascular issues as well as eating disorders. The genetic information along with an individual's history is used by our algorithm to define an individual's risk as average, moderate or high.

For physicians:

The test is designed to identify whether a particular patient is at a high risk for cannabis induced adverse effects. If someone is identified to be at a high risk, then a regular monitoring plan may help in mitigating the side effects. At the same time, certain cannabis formulations may be tolerated better by the high risk group over others.

Opioid addiction is a global crisis as such medical marijuana can be used to wean patients off opioids for pain etc. Our test can help in identifying opioid users who are likely to benefit most from switching to medical cannabis.

For cannabis users:

The test provides you with information that can better help you control your long term health and make better decisions towards leading a healthier life.



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