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Interview of Dr.Kushwah with MerryJane discussing the launch of the world's first genetic test to look at one's response to Cannabis

Media coverage on the launch of the world's first genetic test by Anantlife to look at one's response to Cannabis

Dr. Kushwah's interview with Cannabis Reporter discussing human genetics in relation to Cannabis use

Dr. Kushwah's interview discussing the partnership of Anantlife with Cannalogix:

Anantlife Middle East

At Anantlife, we want to empower the human race by unlocking the secrets in DNA to lead healthier and longer lives by offering clinical grade genetic testing. Anantlife takes pride in offering the most comprehensive and robust genetic tests using latest cutting edge genetic technologies.

We envision to change the world by empowering you with the information in your DNA and becoming the global leader in clinical grade consumer genomics by offering lifestyle, disease predisposition/risk assessment and ethnicity based unique kits for disease risk assessment followed by consultation with genetic counselors, dietitians and physicians.

We offer 2 different levels of testing, a Lifestyle Test and specific disease based testing.

The Lifestyle Test

Our process comprehensively covers 12 tests from a small, non-intrusive sample that will be used to identify health and risk factors among males, females, children across multiple nationalities. The test we used is DNA based and completely non-invasive. The next steps involved are isolation of DNA, QC check to ensure highest grade and purity. We ensure a minimum coverage 50x, which implies that every fragment of DNA is read at least 50 times over, in order to ensure an accuracy of more 99%. We use a saliva sample to obtain your DNA for genetic testing and offer the most comprehensive health and wellness test to assess your health needs. The simplicity of the test and collection method ensures that these tests are suitable to children and adults of all ages.

Our test involves the following:

Our testing process is simple. Once you purchase a kit, you simply need to mix 2mL of saliva into our provided test tube. You mix this with the preservative liquid that is included in the kit. Shake this lightly for 10 seconds and then seal it. You then place the sample into the bag, seal it and we will arrange for it to be sent for testing. All instructions are included in the kit.

Our tests are all transported to Canada, where we conduct our testing and analysis in our state of the art laboratories. The process usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. The steps involved are isolation of DNA, QC check to ensure highest grade and purity.

Our team of experts use cutting-edge genomic technologies to run our samples in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, high-throughput sequencing laboratory dedicated to the highest-standards of process and quality control. Our proprietary algorithms take into consideration the genetic data from individuals as well as their medical history to perform risk stratification analysis.

Our Lifestyle Package testing is based on analysis of over 100 genes and includes 12 different genetic tests which include:

Disease Testing

Our team also offers specialized tests for specific diseases. These are separate tests that can be used to identify potential risks to the following conditions.

Delivering Results

Once the results are ready, the tests will be sent to an appointed physician who will call you in to discuss the results with you and outline a way forward to address any concerns and minimize risk, leading to a healthier lifestyle. This is all included in the price of the kit. We conduct our tests with discretion, and results will only be shared with the patient or appointed guardian in the case of children.

While your DNA cannot be changed, these tests aim to identify genetic pre-dispositions and conditions and make you aware of how to address these. In short, we aim to make sure each of our clients can address any potential condition as early as possible to minimize risks and outline a treatment plan if necessary.

For more information on how you can purchase a Lifestyle Kit or any further questions, please feel free to contact us:

Anantlife Middle East
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